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Kill Radio

APRIL 2023: Occult/Supernatural Horror novel with Malarkey Books

Two Horror Peeps at Malarkey

FEBRUARY 2023: Author co-interview w/ Eric Williams at Malarkey Books

Commendation of the Dying
JULY 2023: Short gothic horror in Tales from the Clergy anthology
with October Nights Press

These Woods
OCTOBER 2022: Short horror in Hellarkey - Malarkey Books Halloween zine

Storm Queen at 80

FORTHCOMING: Short story in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Tina's Song

APRIL 2023: Pop culture themed Micro fiction in Drunk Monkeys

Junk Soul
Nov 2021: Short horror in In Somnio

A Tenebrous Press anthology edited by Alex Woodroe

At Least Now I Know
AUG 2021: Micro fiction in Sledgehammer Lit

Moon as a Pinhole

JULY 2021: Poem in The Tiger Moth Review - Issue 6

Like a Fly to an Open Door

JULY 2021: Poem in Landing Zone Magazine

Division Impulse

APRIL 26 2021: Micro fiction in 101 Words

Windows are Mirrors | Mirrors are Windows

SEPT 2020: Short horror in Beyond the Levee and other Ghostly Tales

Anthology edited by Peter Talley

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