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Lauren Bolger

Horror writer


Debut novel

Kill Radio

When five-year-old Rory unearths his estranged father's handmade crystal radio-which happens to patch straight through to Hell-violence and terror reign in the form of hellhounds, shadow figures, and demonic possessions.


Aided by a laconic fisherman and a charming warlock, Rory's mother, Rachelle, must track down her ex, the only person who can shut down the radio before the the worst denizens of Hell are unleashed on earth.

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"Lauren Bolger finds the right frequency for horror with her absolutely frightening novel KILL RADIO. Turn on, tune in and get ready to be terrified."

Clay McLeod Chapman, author of Ghost Eaters and Quiet Part Loud

Praise & Reviews

"Kill Radio feels like a classic Stephen King novel wrapped around full, vibrant characters and a modern mum's perspective. Downright claustrophobic and anxiety-inducing at times, made all the darker and larger by the warmth of the themes of family and support running through the work."

Alex Woodroe, EIC, Tenebrous Press and author of Whisperwood

"Bolger’s creations positively hum with life, rich with the song of profound existence and screaming forth from hellish speakers with crystal clarity."

Matt Blairstone, publisher and founder, Tenebrous Press

Upcoming Appearances

Come say hi at these upcoming events

Sept 30 - Reading and signing

at Ghoulish Mortals in Saint Charles, IL!

October 13th 2023 signing at Bucket O' Blood with

Damian Serbu and Christopher Hawkins

Saturday October 28th, Signing and Panel with the Chicago HWA at the Algonquin Barnes & Noble


About Lauren Bolger

I'm a Chicago chapter member of the Horror Writers Association. I've had short fiction published in In Somnio, a Tenebrous Press modern gothic horror anthology edited by Alex Woodroe and Beyond the Levee and other Ghostly Tales edited by Peter Talley. Click below to see more work I've had published!

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